Tuesday, October 28, 2008


a late bloomer.
sappy, a dupe.
never complained,
missed everything, that's all;

all the Balls, at least.
even the ugly sisters managed
to make an appearance,
however grisly. they

weren't much to look at --
all the same, they had style
and their father
by the balls. but

she was a sly one,
a hoarder,
had the Prince on a string
the whole time. she

was a wizard with props:
the glass slipper, the rags.
he loved it,
don't kid yourself. she

took him for all he had.
the castle, the land, the
works. he never saw it coming.
a hustler. the best.

suzanne finnamore


carylhayes said...

Oh my God, on my daughters wall, this one, right now. ILOVEIT. Suzanne, you might be the one to bring me around on this whole poetry business. ILOVEIT


oh arent you sweet. YES THIS IS GOOD FOR DAUGHTERS.


i love the photo, that's the best part. look at it.

Jerri said...

they had style
and their father
by the balls.

This is simply fab-U-lous.


it's great fun to revise fairy tales in poetry. gregory maguire wrote a genius novel called WICKED ....and also SON OF A WITCH. read those , oh my, such a great pleasure. such spellbinding, brilliant, magnificent work he does with the wizard of oz story, in Wicked. you'll see.