Wednesday, November 19, 2008

'Electric Sky' by Ken Muth oil on wood

What this gifted gem of an acclaimed artist is doing selling original oil paintings to me, at a discount, I have no idea. this one is 12" by 12". oh my GOD. Well, it just proves he's a artist with a heart, and possibly a saint, living in Florida. Check out his staggering paintings, photographs and storyboards at


redtexansun said...

I grew up on the sea; i was even conceived off the coast of Eden on a boat - a trimaran - that my Dad built. The ocean is in my blood. Having said that, I LOVE this painting. It captures that crazy light, the melancholic sparkle and shade that is the vast, hypnotic ocean.
Solitary sailing, so I've heard, is confronting. Fuck meditation, this is the REAL deal. Alone with your boat, no land in sight. No friends. No nothing. Just you and that big wild wonderful force that is the Ocean.
Yo, can ya tell I like the painting?!

George said...


Back when I had my sail boat, one of my favorite things to do was single-hand -- a fairly easily task on a 25-footer with a roller furling and all the lines leading to the cockpit. I would get out on the bay, find the right angle between the wind and the water, tie the tiller off, lay back, feel the waves and watch the clouds. Once, I sailed more than five miles like that and it took a long time while moving through the water at about 4 knots.

redtexansun said...

Gorgeous George (I've named you),
Being a writer, a great writer and the former owner of a boat, may I please direct you to a book by Earnest Shackleton. It's called 'Endurance'. It's very hard to find, I'm afraid. I lost my copy but I'm sure that it will bring much pleasure and penguins will never look quite the same.

redtexansun said...

"Endurance", by Earnest Shackleton.
Another book that I purchased for my Dad, who's a sailor, is by Moitessier: "Sailing To The Reefs".